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The best gift for a great 2024

The best gift for a great 2024

Daily Gratitude Cards

Gratitude changes

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Take time for yourself

Live in the here and now

Shine with positivity

How it works

Write a card every day

Notice all the things you are grateful for.

Choose your best card

After a week, pick your best day.

Keep your best days

In one year you have collected a full deck of cards with your best days.

Flashback to your best moments

Relive the funniest and happiest moments again in 2, 3, or 10 years.

How it works

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Gratitude Cards

More positive thoughts and motivation

Perfect present for Christmas

Sustainably produced in Germany

Delivered to you in 1-3 days
Free shipping from 20€

Every card is different,

just like every day

7-Card Test Without Risk

<p>7-Card Test Without Risk</p>

A little skeptical? We take the risk, so you don't have to.
We promise you will notice a positive change after writing 7 cards.
If not, just send the other cards back for free and get a complete refund.

What grateful people post

<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
<p>What grateful people post</p>
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As an Australian, he loves the sun and practices even more mindfulness in winter.

founder image

As a Munich resident, he is used to the cold and loves to surf on the Eisbach.

Why we do what we do

You can exercise, drink enough water and take vitamins, but if you don't take care of the things in your head, you will still be healthy.

That's why we aim to remove the stigma of mindfulness and create a world where a strong mindset is praised like a good figure.

Be a part of our vision!

How this system helps

Realize all the amazing and sometimes small things in life that you never focused on before.

Become more enthusiastic and motivated about your day-to-day life.

Create better relationships with more appreciation for people close to you.

Live in the moment because life is short.


• Gratitude, every day.

• To create a Full Deck of Cards which contains the best days of your year.

Yes, each card has new quotes, tasks and questions. The only thing that
repeats on the cards are the questions “I am grateful for …”  and “Today
was amazing because …”.

You can take your card with you – anywhere – and do it anytime, as it
only takes two minutes. Writing on cards and choosing your best ones
allows you to know exactly which days were highlights and never face the
dilemma of potentially throwing out great memories. Imagine, you had a
Full Deck of Cards with the best days of 2016, that you could look
through right now. How amazing would that be?!

Each of the four Stacks has 13 different card values. When you finish
the four Stacks, you will have all 52 card values to create a Full Deck
of Cards.

Now! You can start in December, in July, on Saturdays or Mondays – whenever you want to start a life-changing habit.

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